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US jobless claims rise, but the labor market is still buoyant

The number of Americans filing for unemployment pushed up last week, but the underlying trend remained consistent with a tight labour market.

First claims for state unemployment benefits rose by 2,000 to a seasonally adjusted 244,000 for the week ending 24. In June, the labor Department said on Thursday.

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Bloomberg announced the start of the largest restructuring of the Russian economy

Russia’s economy is experiencing change, the largest in the last 15 years. At the same time, the authorities that accompanied the conversion”, without fanfare and hype,” by similar changes in Saudi Arabia, (Kingdom launched the Vision 2030 program to the end of April).

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Warren Buffett’s $1 million risk on oil

Oil costs get crashed this year, but Warren Buffett is not afraid. He bet almost $1 billion to the sector since the beginning of the year. That is how much Phillips has bought 66 shares Berkshire Hathaway since Jan. 3, according to the company, the most recent made Wednesday, it was submissions.

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LeEco chairman ‘has bank accounts frozen over debt’

The billionaire co-founder of fight for Chinese technology giant LeEco had frozen the personal assets, the report by a Shanghai court, state media.

Assets worth a combined height of 1.24 billion yuan ($183m; £141m) to Jia Yueting, his wife and three affiliated companies allegedly locked already.

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Bear markets are started by two things, and the US could be headed for both

Wall Street ready for war? And I don’t mean a tug-of-war between the bulls and the bears. The Trump Administration, despite campaign promises, on the contrary, shows signs that she is ready to flex its military muscles with almost reckless abandon.

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Brexit vote may spark recession

The Bank of England has given its blatant warning yet that the UK could vote to leave the EU, met the economy.

A leave vote cause sterling to fall and unemployment to rise, according to the latest minutes of its monetary policy Committee (MPC). Mark Carney, the Bank Governor warned that the risks “, could possibly even a technical recession.”

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The head of US Treasury believes that sanctions significantly harm Russia

Jack Lew said that the recommendation of the US authorities to buy the banks of the Russian Eurobonds, in fact, that was part of the sanctions policy.

WASHINGTON. US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said that the Western sanctions on Russia damage significantly.

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