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A Yellen replacement is unlikely to throw Fed off course, says Bullard

As President, Donald Trump officially started his presidential career in January, deafening whispers to circulate around Washington that it is soon the end of another coveted title: the Federal Reserve chair was able to write.

Six months, Janet Yellen, remains at the helm of the US Central Bank and, according to one of its members, the chances of a drastic overhaul are becoming less and less likely.

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US jobless claims rise, but the labor market is still buoyant

The number of Americans filing for unemployment pushed up last week, but the underlying trend remained consistent with a tight labour market.

First claims for state unemployment benefits rose by 2,000 to a seasonally adjusted 244,000 for the week ending 24. In June, the labor Department said on Thursday.

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Economy slowed less than expected in Q1, on a rise in spending and jump in exports

The U.S. economy slowed less in the first quarter than originally estimated expenditure due to unexpectedly higher consumer and a larger jump in exports.

Gross domestic product rose 1.4 percent annual rate instead of the 1.2 percent pace, the last month reported, said the Commerce Department in its final assessment on Thursday.

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Frontal brain wrinkle linked

А study of 153 brain scans а in particular furrow has been linked, in the vicinity of the front of each hemisphere, hallucinations in schizophrenia.

This fold is rather shorter in patients who hallucinate compared with those who do not do this.

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Warren Buffett’s $1 million risk on oil

Oil costs get crashed this year, but Warren Buffett is not afraid. He bet almost $1 billion to the sector since the beginning of the year. That is how much Phillips has bought 66 shares Berkshire Hathaway since Jan. 3, according to the company, the most recent made Wednesday, it was submissions.

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China’s economy is developing steadily

The growth of China’s GDP amounted to 6.7% in the third quarter of this year. This is according to the report of the State Statistical control of the country. According to expert forecasts, the Chinese economy grew at an annual rate, the same index as in the two previous quarters.

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Puerto Rico announces historic debt restructuring in court

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello said on Wednesday he would move to, to begin with, a form of bankruptcy, for the island, or in particular, public facilities, under title III of last year in Puerto Rico recovery act, known as PROMESA.

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The US college debt bubble is becoming dangerous

Quick run-ups in debt are the single greatest command of the market difficulties. So, it is worth noting that in the last 10 years the amount of student loan debt in the United States, an increase of 170 percent, a whopping $1.4 trillion — more than Auto loans or credit card debt.

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