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Shell withdraws Malaysia cardboard cutouts after ‘distasteful’ groping

Shell is the removal of a life-sized cardboard cutouts of female employees from all of its Malaysian petrol stations for “objectionable” pictures appeared online.

Images of men kissing, the figure with your hand and touch your chest and step has gone viral on Facebook and other social media.

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Lethal amphibian disease killed

For the first time, researchers have eliminated а devastating amphibian fungal disease in а population of toads.

The chytrid fungus is highly contagious and is responsible for devastating amphibian populations worldwide.

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Etihad flights to and from US avoid laptop ban

Passengers on Etihad flights between Abu Dhabi and the United States to be able to larger devices, such as laptops, and during your trip.

Regulations to put the passengers, were transported laptops and other gadgets in the Luggage in the cargo space introduced in March.

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China’s economy is developing steadily

The growth of China’s GDP amounted to 6.7% in the third quarter of this year. This is according to the report of the State Statistical control of the country. According to expert forecasts, the Chinese economy grew at an annual rate, the same index as in the two previous quarters.

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Hinkley Point: EDF adds £1.5bn to nuclear plant cost

The French energy utility EDF has estimated that the cost of the completion of the new Hinkley Point nuclear power plant expected to be almost 10% more than.

The company, the project’s main supporters, said that the total cost of the power plant was expected to be £1.5 bn £19.6 bn.

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