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A Yellen replacement is unlikely to throw Fed off course, says Bullard

As President, Donald Trump officially started his presidential career in January, deafening whispers to circulate around Washington that it is soon the end of another coveted title: the Federal Reserve chair was able to write.

Six months, Janet Yellen, remains at the helm of the US Central Bank and, according to one of its members, the chances of a drastic overhaul are becoming less and less likely.

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Privately, health plan worries Senate bill would ’cause most small employers’ premiums to go up’

A large health insurance company is privately concerned that a little-noticed provision in the Senate-could health to bill up the premiums for small business health plans.

The Better care Reconciliation Act, the health insurance industry source warned in a private E-Mail from Vox, would “most small employers, the premiums go up” and “leave consumers at risk.”

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US durable goods orders fall 1.1% in May vs 0.6% drop expected

New orders for the US-American capital goods unexpectedly fell in may, and shipments also declined, reflecting a loss of momentum in the manufacturing sector, halfway through the second quarter.

The Commerce Department said on Monday that non-defense capital goods orders excluding aircraft, just a proxy for business investment plans, observed decreased by 0.2 percent, the biggest decline since December.

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