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Consumer sentiment hits lowest level since November

The attitude of the consumer is tarnished in June, as U.S. consumer confidence slipped to a seven-month low, a new report showed on Friday, but still rising slightly above economists ‘ expectations.

U.S. consumer sentiment fell to 95.1 in June, a decline of 2.1 percent from may and the lowest level since November of 2016.

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BT Sport wins TV rights to European rugby union

BT Sport has the exclusive rights to show the European Rugby Champions Cup and Challenge Cup from the season 2018-19 has won to the end of 2021-22.

Up to 134 goals in a season are shown live on TV in the UK and Ireland over nine weekends.

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Apple iPhone can shift production to the US

The company Hon Hai Precision Industry, better known as Foxconn Technology Group, is exploring the possibility of the installation of the iPhone transfer to the United States, according to the Japanese publication Nikkei Asian Review citing sources.

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The best city for small business in America is not in Silicon Valley

New York City surpassed Silicon Valley to become the top city for small business, according to Biz2Credit, the annual investigation of the Top Small Business cities in America. New York-the growth was driven by the booming real estate market and construction industry, banks and financial services (including fintech), and the city’s thriving technology sector.

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Etihad flights to and from US avoid laptop ban

Passengers on Etihad flights between Abu Dhabi and the United States to be able to larger devices, such as laptops, and during your trip.

Regulations to put the passengers, were transported laptops and other gadgets in the Luggage in the cargo space introduced in March.

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Budget 2016: economic fitness regime in the UK

The Problem with the self-imposed goals is that, if you break them, nobody cares as much as you are. A bit of bad weather and you don’t go out for this run. A lazy day and your low-carb regime dumped.

As with diets, so with Budgets. George Osborne, economic policy is oriented to the self-imposed goals, to “economic reason”.

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Hinkley Point: EDF adds £1.5bn to nuclear plant cost

The French energy utility EDF has estimated that the cost of the completion of the new Hinkley Point nuclear power plant expected to be almost 10% more than.

The company, the project’s main supporters, said that the total cost of the power plant was expected to be £1.5 bn £19.6 bn.

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