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U.S. personal income rose 0.4% in April, matching estimates

US consumer spending recorded its largest increase in four months, in April and monthly inflation picked up, pointed to the tightening of domestic demand in the early second quarter, the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates next month.

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April has strongest month for hiring since

U.S. employers hired significantly more people in April, making it the strongest month for hiring since. June 2015, according to the LinkedIn staff report.

The report, released on Wednesday, said on a seasonally adjusted basis was in April to 3.4 percent higher than in March, and the attitude about the United States is 16.7 percent higher than a year ago.

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US services sector growth picks up pace in April, ISM report shows

The Institute of Supply Management non-manufacturing index, which tracks the US economy is the service sector, the hit of 57.5 for the month of April, come to the top of the expectations.

The index rose to the rank of 88 consecutive period, data showed on Wednesday.

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The best city for small business in America is not in Silicon Valley

New York City surpassed Silicon Valley to become the top city for small business, according to Biz2Credit, the annual investigation of the Top Small Business cities in America. New York-the growth was driven by the booming real estate market and construction industry, banks and financial services (including fintech), and the city’s thriving technology sector.

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Trump: ‘I just don’t want a poor person’ running the economy

President Donald Trump has offered a simple explanation for his well-to-do knowledge-supporting Cabinet decisions: Rich people, how to manage money better than poor people.

In a rambling aside on a rally in Iowa on Wednesday night, Trump responded to criticism about his choices for the top economic jobs, including the billionaire-investor Wilbur Ross to the Minister of Commerce and former Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn for chief economic advisor.

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Privately, health plan worries Senate bill would ’cause most small employers’ premiums to go up’

A large health insurance company is privately concerned that a little-noticed provision in the Senate-could health to bill up the premiums for small business health plans.

The Better care Reconciliation Act, the health insurance industry source warned in a private E-Mail from Vox, would “most small employers, the premiums go up” and “leave consumers at risk.”

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Bear markets are started by two things, and the US could be headed for both

Wall Street ready for war? And I don’t mean a tug-of-war between the bulls and the bears. The Trump Administration, despite campaign promises, on the contrary, shows signs that she is ready to flex its military muscles with almost reckless abandon.

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Majority of active managers are beating the market this year, but investors still don’t care

After years of languishing, maybe 2017 will finally be the year that active managers, of course, is in the investment community.

As a whole, stock-picking Fund managers a solid start this year, with 52 percent of fundamental equity managers beat their Russell 1000 index benchmarks, according to a study by JPMorgan Chase. The 50-percent limit for a single quarter, only one hand was divided between full-time since the bull market began in March 2009.

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Ford, Nissan, GM, Toyota report April US sales declines

Ford, Nissan, General Motors and Toyota all reported U.S. sales declines in April, strong signs that the demand for cars, trucks and SUV starts to slow, after seven years of growth.

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Puerto Rico announces historic debt restructuring in court

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello said on Wednesday he would move to, to begin with, a form of bankruptcy, for the island, or in particular, public facilities, under title III of last year in Puerto Rico recovery act, known as PROMESA.

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