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Economy slowed less than expected in Q1, on a rise in spending and jump in exports

The U.S. economy slowed less in the first quarter than originally estimated expenditure due to unexpectedly higher consumer and a larger jump in exports.

Gross domestic product rose 1.4 percent annual rate instead of the 1.2 percent pace, the last month reported, said the Commerce Department in its final assessment on Thursday.

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Bloomberg announced the start of the largest restructuring of the Russian economy

Russia’s economy is experiencing change, the largest in the last 15 years. At the same time, the authorities that accompanied the conversion”, without fanfare and hype,” by similar changes in Saudi Arabia, (Kingdom launched the Vision 2030 program to the end of April).

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Slowdown in US inflation due to one-off factors

A recent slowdown in the US inflation was mainly due to one-off factors, and should not prevent a further rise in interest rates, a top U.S. Central banker said on Monday.

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BMW adding 1,000 jobs at South Carolina plant

BMW-to reach the largest plant in the world is a little bigger.

The German car manufacturer said on Monday, a further 1,000 jobs and invest $ 600 million in the plant as part of a plan to increase the annual production, how many of 450,000 vehicles.

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How shops are coping with a weaker pound

“I have to recharge, if the pound falls in value,” says the American DeLeon, Jian.

The 31-year-old editorial director at online fashion website Highsnobiety is unsurprisingly passionate about the clothes. He says his favorite luxury brands are now much cheaper in London.

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Fed’s Williams sees advanced economies stuck in low growth mode

To find the Central banks in the United States and other advanced economies themselves stuck with slow growth in the long term, unless the financial authorities to do something decisive to turn things around, a U.S. Central banker warned on Tuesday.

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Walgreens Boots Alliance scraps plans to buy Rite Aid

Global pharmacy giant Walgreens Boots Alliance, declined to buy his plans, the American rivals of Rite Aid.

To buy instead, Walgreens has agreed 2,186 Rite Aid stores and several distribution centers for $5.2 billion ($4bn).

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Consumer confidence hits 118.9 in June, versus 116 estimate

The Consumer Confidence Index rose in June to 118.9, to fall, despite the expectations for him, The Conference Board Tuesday.

Economists expect the index falls slightly to 116 for the month of June, according to Thomson Reuters consensus estimates.

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“What’s the rush’ on interest rate hikes, asks Fed Kashkari

With inflation low and wages there is little sign of an upward wave, the US Central Bank should not increase interest rates, Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari said on Tuesday.

“What’s the hurry?” Kashkari asked, at an event at the Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan to add that neither wages nor inflation data, signs of overheating in the economy and in fact may suggest that there is still some slack in the labour market.

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Sky/Fox takeover deal likely to face competition probe

The culture Secretary said she “like-minded”, you can find Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox takeover of sky to the competition watchdog.

Karen Bradley-the decision is a blow to the media mogul, the hope, with £11.7 billion deal waved through without further examination.

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